Animal Identification

IDVET is a brand of animal identification with devices that guarantee safety and reliability of records, as well as the best user experience.

Devices for animal identification

  • Microchip application in dogs, cats, equine, birds and reptiles
  • Ergonomic and safe applicators
  • Individual packs
  • Reliability of data and reading



Microchips with an ergonomic applicator for single use, packed in individual blisters, with a separated syringe for residual waste and coated for better adherence.

Available in two dimensions:

  • Microchip for small and exotic animals (1,44 mm)
  • Microchip for regular size dogs, cats and equines (2,13 mm)


    Microchip reader

    Reading device of small size able to support all technologies of ISSO microchips, which allows the user to transport it anywhere.

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