Dogs & Cats need to Play

KONG Company has been in the market for over 40 years and has an assortment of high quality toys for pets. All products entice play time and mentally stimulate the pet while satisfying its instinctive needs.

Toys and snacks for pets

  • All toys are developed to improve the physical, behavioral, mental and emotional well.being of pets
  • Suitable for different breeds, ages, physical activity levels and chew profile
  • Specialist recommended
  • High palatability treats


Dogs need to play

Toys and rewards for dogs which entice play time, satisfying the intellectual needs of the pet and strengthening the bond with the owner.

KONG toys are a recommended solution for behavioral problems such as: stress, separation anxiety, boredom, power chewers, digging and barking.



    Cats need to play

    Interactive toys for cats are developed with the goal of satisfying their natural needs such as chasing, hunting and catching.

    They provide mental and physical stimulation for the cat.

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