Because we care

Ensures the well-being of your pet.
Affinity-Petcare is a company with over 50 years of experience with animal nutrition.

Offers different brands with a segmented range in several lines of Pet nutrition.

Food for cats and dogs

  • High palatability
  • High nutritional value
  • Complete range for cats and dogs



A strong immune system is part of the base for a good health, for such offering the pet a healthy diet is fundamental.

  • Food reinforced with active antibodies, vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants
  • Super Premium range
  • Formulated with high quality 
  • Recommended by veterinarians



Advance Veterinary Diets

Complete range of veterinarian prescribed diets that allow more than one therapeutic approach for each pathology.

  • Formulated with ingredients of high biological value.
  • With complementary substances which ensure therapeutic efficiency
  • Range adjusted to the real needs of the consumer

True Instinct Dry & Wet

Natural nutrition, holistic and protein base, for cats and dogs, that provides general satisfaction and well-being.

  • Prepared with natural and high quality ingredients.
  • Super Premium food adjusted to the needs and daily activity of cats and dogs
  • Range that respects the natural instincts of cats and dogs


True Instinct Snacks

An excellent, tasty and healthy option for the dog at any time.

  • Prepared with 100% natural and high quality ingredients.
  • Snacks prepared through a freeze-drying process, which retains nutritional properties and all the flavor. 
  • Irresistible flavor



Complete and balanced food for kittens, adult cats, puppies, adult and senior dogs.

  • Great balance between nutrients with no additives
  • Assorted ingredients
  • Competitive price and great quality
  • Premium food



Natural Trainer Wet

Wet food that offers a variety of products designed for the natural and specific needs of cats.

  • Prepared with fresh meat and functional natural ingredients
  • Specific nutritional programs for cats

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